Real Estate in Vadodara

Vadodara is one of the most happening cities of Western India. Since long, Vadodara has been a fine blend of culture, education, commerce and a cosmopolitan entity. The city holds a significant position owing to its rich history: its rulers-The Gaekwads who were well-known in the entire country.
Culture: It is considered to be the hub of arts and culture in Gujarat.
Education: Vadodara has its own residential university called The Maharaja Sayajirao University and is one of the top-class universities in the country where students from all over India as well as from abroad come to study.
Commerce: It is a giant destination of manufacturing units and chemical units like GNFC, Reliance, ABB & many more and it has also become the preferred destination for corporates involved in infrastructure, software and BPO industry.


With its myriad colours of life, culture, profession and investments, Vadodara is an excellent city to reside, work, invest and even for vacations.

Owing to its varied and cosmopolitan populace, the real estate in Vadodara has developed and matured rapidly. There are a number of projects with international level planning, finishing and amenities. Narayan Realty originated from Vadodara and has its headquarters and main operations in Vadodara. It is confident of the tremendous growth potential of the city and its unique lifestyle.

There has been a real estate boom in Vadodara but compared to many cities in the country, Vadodara still offers reasonable prices in properties. This is the reason most people choose to invest their money in Vadodara. Eventually, the property prices in Vadodara will catch up with the prices prevailing in similar cities in the rest of the country, giving investors a very attractive return on their investment.