Developing quality infrastucture and real estate since 1976

Narayan Realty Pvt. Ltd. was founded more than 4 decades ago. Since then the company has stood by its qualities of trust, truth, confidence and commitment. The company was founded with an insight and interest for building homes for the requirement of all segments of society.

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Quality Commitment

We build your dreams, and we build on trust. The aesthetics of our work is supported by a strong foundation that will stand the test of time.


Customer Support

We give our customers positive & consistent experiences that creates confidence, leads to retention and 100% loyalty.


Reliable Stakeholders

Our stakeholders are reliable, and the pillar of strength for our organisation who hold the key to successful project delivery.


Excellent Team

Less Me and More We! Our success is backed by the strength of our team which thrives on collaborative excellence of each individual.

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