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Narayan Realty Pvt. Ltd. is a flagship company involved in real estate development that has won the trust and confidence of millions of customers. Our customers choose us for all their future purchase or investment in real estate. This merit has been achieved because of a simple yet practical concept of providing value for money and the best amenities through proper planning and structure. Our prime focus in the real estate development sector has been residential projects and we believe in making houses which you can turn into homes.

Our hard work and core competency in some of the key aspects of real estate development and construction has enabled us to win the hearts and trust of many.

Architecture, Planning & Construction
Architecture and planning of a building or a construction project is very important at the initial stage. Without excellent architecture and planning, a project cannot be successful or saleable. It is important both from the aesthetics and civil engineering aspects. A good building has to be planned according to the space available, customer’s requirements, amenities, type of structure, budget, location, aesthetics and interior. The better the planning and architectural design, the better the construction and quality. Exceptional architecture & planning is an accomplishment of Narayan Realty. We have an in-house architecture team which is involved with our external architects and consultants ensuring our houses and projects are well-planned. From our innumerable residential projects, you can easily distinguish the superiority of the architecture and planning involved in our projects.

The construction of any building has to be strong, technically sound, weather-proof and built on a perfect superstructure. Our technical expertise makes the construction of a building strong and compatible for any brilliant planning and designing. Each and every minute detail ranging from the quality of soil, mixture of materials, sprinkling of water, the quality of raw materials like cement, bricks, etc. is taken into consideration, carefully studied and thoroughly analyzed. During the construction process, each and every stage is scrutinized in detail and passed through stringent technical processes and tests. Our team comprising the project managers, engineers and workers are highly trained for such constructions; making houses, you can turn into a home.

Customer Relationship Management- CRM System
Our customers are partners of our success. A customer-centric approach is the prime focus at Narayan Realty. Everything moves around the customer, for the customer and by the customer. We have a customer relationship ideology and practice to educate, advice, get feedback from and ultimately give the best to our customers. Through this transparent and open-minded ideology, we try to be better and better.


We have employed technology ever since computers were commercially available in India. We have our own custom software for managing customer relationship and ensuring time and workflow management. The record of each and every customer from the enquiry to the actual handing over of the home is kept intact. All the records from the time of payment, documentation, when a particular document was handed over, etc. are maintained. The CRM software also helps us in sending timely reminders to our customers for financial and legal documentation. The software is prepared as per our policy and procedure and the legalities involved. As our records are maintained on computers, we practically have a paperless project, offices thus being more eco-friendly.

Analysis, Presentation & Visualization
Analyzing the demands of customers and understanding their exact requirements is the focal point of any analysis. Our analysis is done from the customer’s point of view. The customers decide what we should do or how we should do and thus play a significant role in our management. We have trained people to handle customers’ sales calls, be it on the phone or in person. A set of questions and points are discussed with the customers and analyzed to understand their requirement and market trend analysis. We prepare statistics to plan our future and new products based on the feedback we receive from each sales calls and sales leads. Our software helps us in preparing the statistics. Our projects are planned according to the valuable feedback we get from our customers. Besides new customers and inquiries, we are in constant touch with our old customers and continuously get their feedback and suggestions. Our customer-centric analysis ensures that each project launched is in line with the current demand and trends of housing and infrastructure.

To facilitate our customers we have outstanding presentation and visualization methods. We believe that a person planning to purchase a property should be given every opportunity to visualize the final outcome of the building and the layout plan. We use computerized 3D graphics and advanced tools like AutoCAD and 3D Studio to help our customers experience the final product rather than just showing them paper models. It takes the customer through a virtual journey through the property along with the colour scheme, the interiors, the fittings and fixtures, etc. It also helps him to customize some of the aspects.

The customer gets the exact detail of what they are about to get in their house including the exact construction specifications, the cost involved, etc. through this informative and attractive presentation.

Marketing & Media
We use judicious blend of media to reach out to the customers and spread knowledge about our projects and works. All our new projects are made public through advertising in local newspapers, local news channels, internet, real-estate magazines, local cable advertisements, radio, property portals, social media and word-of-mouth through our existing customers.

This website has been created with the main purpose of providing all the information regarding our projects to our customers all over the globe and round the clock. A customer can get detailed information regarding the company, the group, the promoters, projects, plans & specifications and a lot more. They can also see the project details and photographs.

Customers Experience
Customers' need and satisfaction is important to us. We practice ‘what I know you know' as the transparent marketing philosophy. We provide complete information about the property, documentation, costing, what the customer would be getting and what they wouldn’t along with the ancillary costs. We have set policies and procedures for each stage of construction which are explained to the buyer in detail while maintaining complete transparency. Our friendly staff makes sure that the customer is provided with all the information related to purchase, loan procurement, documentation, legal formalities, etc. and that all their queries are answered satisfactorily and instantly.